How to Fix Google Drive Limits that Cannot Download

Google Drive is a file hosting site owned by one of the giant technology companies in the world, namely Google .

The result, making this file hosting has a fast and stable upload and download speed.
Unfortunately Google Drive is limited to the number of downloads. If it's too much, you can't download the file on Google Drive.

Have you ever experienced it?

If so, here Jaka shares 2 ways to bypass the Google Drive download limit! Guaranteed success

How to Overcome Can not Download on Google Drive

Do you ever meet when you want to download on Google Drive with a warning like the picture above?

If so, that means you have a download limit. The reason is that within 24 hours many people are accessing the file, as a result you can't download it on Google Drive.

So you can access the file, there are two ways you can bypass the Google Drive download limit .

The First Way to Overcome Unable to Download on Google Drive
Step 1 - Create a Google Drive account

The first step, you must have a Google Drive account . If you don't have it, you must register first. In the URL column, delete the "& export = download" section, then replace the "uc" section with "open" .

Step 2 - Click the Google Drive logo

In the upper right corner, click "Google Drive + Logo" .

Step 3 - "Click on My Drive"

After the logo changes, click again, then click "My Drive" .

Step 4 - "Make Copies"

Right-click on the file you want to download, then click "Make Copies" .

Step 5 - "Download Copied File"

A new file will appear with the prefix "Copy" . Right-click on the file, then click "Download" . Wait for the download process to finish, the problem cannot be downloaded in Google Drive is resolved.

The Second Way to Overcome Unable to Download on Google Drive
Step 1 - copy the Google Drive url link

Right-click on the url, then click Copy .

Step 2 - Open the OkeDrive.com website

Open a new tab in your browser then type www.okedrive.com

Step 3 - Sign Up or Login at Okedrive.com

You must sign up or log in first, then log in to your Google account and click continue.

Step 4 - You do not worry, because the display will appear as below

Quiet, it's safe! Just click Advance then open Okedrive.

Step 5 - Allow the Okedrive application

Click allow the Okedrive application to access your Google account.

Step 5 - Upload the link to download

Click the upload link to start downloading files that could not be downloaded in Google Drive earlier.

Step 6 - Paste the link

Next, you paste the copied link

Step 7 - Open the link to download

Next, click the link in the Download Link column to download the file.

Well, now the problem of not being able to download on Google Drive can be resolved easily and quickly.

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